Our story began in 1988 as a small New Zealand family business, specializing in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of herbal skincare products. To ensure they remain fresh and retain their beneficial properties each product is hand-prepared in small batches. This small scale production means we can be flexible and innovative, offering you the latest developments in natural and certified organic skincare as they become available.

Each product contains a unique and simple blend of proven botanicals. No mineral oils are used. Instead, oils and emulsifiers extracted from plants act as carriers for the principal ingredients.

All colours are derived from natural sources. Synthetic fragrances, responsible for most allergic skin reactions, have been replaced with the subtle, natural fragrances of unadulterated essential oils. It is this careful selection of the purest ingredients that ensures a natural, and certified organic and professional range of skincare products, unrivalled for freshness, quality and impressive results.

While we manufacture in Nelson, South Island, New Zealand (using local and imported botanicals) we export all our production overseas. It would be fair to say we are New Zealand’s best kept skincare secret in our homeland. The demand for our products overseas has been strong for coming up to 30 years. We are looking forward to continuing to work with our overseas distributors and seeing what the future holds for many more years to come.