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Back by popular demand

Because you asked for it & because you’re most definitely worth it! We’ve had such demand for our beloved Marigold & Wheatgerm Facial Cream - we are so pleased to announce it’s here NOW just for YOU. Soooo Goood you’ll want to use it night and day. This cream is a nourishing fragrance-free day cream rich in wheatgerm oil, an excellent source of vitamin E, to help maintain the skins elasticity and moisture level.

The Buzz over Blue Chamomile of (chama-azulene)

For decades here at Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics we’ve been incorporating the soothing and calming properties that the chamomile family have to offer into our natural skincare range.

We use both pure essential blue chamomile (chama-azulene) and roman chamomile oils in our Blue Chamomile Facial Wash Cream. The German blue chamomile used in our facial wash has been referred to as ‘capable of anything’ given its ‘cure all’ abilities thanks to its natural healing powers - thus providing an amazing product for everyone. Our German Blue Chamomile Facial Wash cleanser is designed to improve skin to soothe and replenish all skin types – particularly recommended for sensitive skins. Our blue chamomile facial wash is the perfect addition to your natural skincare routine.

Blue Chamomile Facial Wash Cream

In the beginning great skincare starts with an excellent beneficial “CLEANSE”.  Along with pure herbal oils of blue chamomile & roman chamomile, you have the additional skin care benefits of grape seed oil and comfrey (allantoin) .  All designed to soothe & replenish whilst removing all traces of makeup and maintain your skins natural delicate balance.  Start your skincare routine off in the best way possible with this anti inflammatory cleanser.
Directions for use are to apply neat (dry) to the face and décolletage. Moisten with a few drops of warm water working up to a creamy lather.  Remove with a warm face cloth. Splash rinse thoroughly. Follow with tone and moisture recommendations as follows.
Recommend follow up with Lavender Grosso or Damask Rose Toner and Avocado Fruit Moisture Cream or Lettuce & Jojoba Moisture Lotion.

Free from paraben preservatives, PEG emulsifiers, mineral oils, artificial colours & synthetics. Not tested on animals. Made in Nelson, New Zealand

Blue chamomile being used in skincare