D-Panthenol Liquid Vitamin B5
INCI : Panthenol
Function : A naturally occuring form of Pantothenic Acid ( Vitamin B-5) found in human hair that supports the growth and maintenance of bodily tissues. When applied to hair it is quickly absorbed into the hair shaft, where it thickens and moisturises.

Dehyton KE
INCI : Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Function : A mild foaming and cleansing agent derived from trimethylglycine that occurs chiefly in plants. It is used to reduce the irritancy potential in anionic shampoo ingredients .

Distilled Water
INCI : Distilled Water (Aqua)
Function : Freshly distilled water is superior to purification by ion exchange and involves vaporisation followed by condensation which leaves a pure distillate.